Handwritten Lyrics

Handwritten Lyrics


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Being that there are no live shows booked for myself until this September with my Trio in Sweden and the ‘Snake Oil and Harmony UK Tour’ with Danny Vaughn in November/December I have time to work on some Handwritten Lyrics for those who are interested in having a personalized gift for yourself or a loved one. These were quite a popular item during my solo album crowd funding campaigns so we are putting up another ‘50’ of these online for sale on our public pages. We put up 30 items on our support page ‘Dan Reed Networkers’ on FB and they sold out in three days so wanted to offer these publicly as well!

You can pick any song from the Dan Reed Network or my Solo Album catalogues. They are handwritten on decorative paper perfect for framing, and of course will be signed and dedicated to whomever you wish. These can be delivered anywhere in the world as well.

PLEASE specify SONG TITLE and DEDICATION, if any, in the ORDER NOTES located below where you enter your shipping address should you decide to make a purchase.


Thank you for your support, and wishing everyone a most memorable Easter Weekend with your loved ones!